Friday, September 26, 2014

Monster mine machines stalk the desert
Well, we did it again. With Mother in law and friend on board, we pointed the old Cruiser west, into the desert. It is spring in the Southern hemisphere, and with good rains the desert blooms. Guest house prices shoot up, and we arrived at what should have been the peak, only to be told that the best of the season is over.

in a hidden canyon in the Kalahari
there is a healing spring
with magic in the rocks.
On the way we did a detour to  follow rumours of a hot spring, in the desert, and, with good luck, we managed to find the place: Hidden in a canyon, near a settlement of people who were the first nation in this area before being uprooted and dumped elsewhere. Now they have regained their land, and are running the small resort, the waters of which is supposed to have healing powers. Well, I can attest that a dog bite that was long in healing closed up soon afterwards, and Shahnaz stopped complaining of a sprained ankle.
But there was time to take in the atmosphere

Inevitably, just as we were about to leave cell phone coverage, a client called with an urgent translation job .... so Shahnaz spent a romantic afternoon on the banks of the Orange river ... working.

Work, work, work
Driving towards Springbok we saw not a trace of flowers until, all of a sudden, we drove into a riot of  colours. Some were succulents, but many were quick blooming flowers that shoot up if there are spring rains, and vanish as suddenly.  it was strange to see the flowers bloom with gay abandon next to the road, in water courses, just where you look.
And then there were flowers

by the roadside
All sorts of flowers
And then it was time to turn back, and the road was long, hot and weary. But the memory will brighten the mind for a long time.

Even hero's could not resist

And ostriches enjoy them too.

Where you least expect ...