Thursday, November 3, 2011

The last leg!

Welcome to the park!

Where did you come from?
We spent a few days in the Kgalagadi transfrontier park, getting to terms that our voyage is almost over. Yachtsmen on long voyages speak of 're-entry blues' and we wondered what we would encounter, once home. Would the translation work resume? Would the few business contacts we had made during the trip come to anything? Where did we hide the keys to the safe? What is the pin code for the Blackberry we had left in the safe?

This is getting boring! Enough!
The radiator did not like the last few hundred kilometers of gravel road in Namibia and the very bad corrugations in the park, so it started leaking again, but we were used to that by now. And so we listened to the hum of the big six cylinder Toyota engine feasting on South African petrol, and watched the kilometers slide by, until home.

And we thought about what the voyage had meant to us. We are certainly wiser, more experienced in driving in mud, and we have had our views of Africa and its people reconfirmed. It is a magnificent, vast continent, with magnificent people. We have seen acts of kindness and friendship, and a few, only a few less friendly attitudes. We have seen beautiful scenery, and awful destruction of the forests.

Home, sweet home.
So we come to the end of our trip, but not yet of this blog. Thanks for reading and following our adventures. Some people had difficulties in giving feedbask, so I have updated our links to give an e-mail account.

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