Monday, June 10, 2013

Turning south

Ilha Mozambique dreaming in the setting
 sun about past glories 

We have turned south now, and we are almost a thousand kilometers down the road on our way home, dodging potholes in the Zambezi valley while searching for 2G internet connection. The Gorongosa is supposed to be one of the last places where development had not arrived, and roadside vendors do offer freshly skinned antelope, smoked ribs of some unknown animal, and demonstrate road repair activities before requesting a handout.

No, we did not make it to Egypt!
Already we are feeling the ‘end-of-voyage’ blues: a mild regret at what we had not seen, anticipation at the luxuries of warm water and our own beds.

Nacala traffic
We hope to sleep in the Gorongosa park tonight, and we think back already about the long road we had covered. Ilha Mozambique was the high point for me, although the leaf fish in Nacala bay, just after we had seen a container ship enter may also be symbolic. We had singing sessions on the road, with the Cruiser humming along, we had dinners of fresh seafood, and we had pleasant surprises of people trying to make a living in this hard, yet bounteous land.

Libelula dinner
A touch of regret at everything we did not see: We did not stay on Bazaruto longer. If my Microsoft lottery money had come through we could have stayed in a lodge there … We did not see the rock paintings near Nampula, we did not go further north to dive at Pemba… Maybe there will be a next time.

Now we are doing long stretches: 800 kilometers the day before yesterday, 400 yesterday, 350 today. Tomorrow not so far to the Zim border, then the next day

Nacala: Smart coffee shop in the dust and traffic

Do you know this guy?

Dalmann forest camp

Fireside memories
on to Harare.

Venus guest house:
 it's not what you think!
The Cruiser feels the need for some loving care, the sparkplugs are a little dirty and she misses when she is idling. A screw had come out on the left light assembly, I managed to replace that today. And as the rain started the windscreen wipers fell off! Beware: Never let night watchmen wash your car! Try to find new ones in the middle of the Gorongosa! I bodged a repair with epoxy putty, if that does not work I have cable ties handy, and I have just designed the ultimate adjustable, never to be worn out windscreen wiper fitting!

So, till next time!

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