Friday, March 30, 2012

South into the Cape Province

Swakopmund lighthouse

And still the road drew us on. Windhoek, with its history and curio shops. Time went by as we browsed the art market, but then we were on the go again, into the mountains and onto the Khomas Hochland, and down towards Swakopmund.

Colours to dream of
It was fascinating watching the vegetation change, from lush grassland to mountains, to hard rocky grassland, to gravel plains, to sandy plains. A compulsory stop was to meet with that disoasaur of plants, the Welwitchia Mirabilis. And then the holiday town of Swakopmund and its German gemutlichkeit.

Meeting a dinosaur! The Welwichia in an ancient plant

And after two days of rest, on, on towards the Namib. The Cruiser struggled with the heat, because we had the aircon going most of the time, and also did not notice that we were in a steady climb all day, ending a full kilometer higher than where we started.

Lovely gravel roads, great scenery,
what more do you want?
The next day we went on towards the Fish River canyon, and, perhaps stubborn, refused to pay what we thought were exorbitant fees to visit the lookout point. So, after a good night's rest and an expensive dinner, we took the last lap of Namibia's excellent gravel roads, and then the B1, down to Noordoewer, and a pleasant checking out of Namibia.
Saying goodbye in the Namibian fashion
And on to Springbok, over badly maintained tar. If this part of the road is not sealed soon, next year there will be serious potholes.
Now the planning starts running out, and we have some latitude to improvise before we are due in Cape Town. Watch this space!

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