Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cape Town!

The long road south from Springbok

From Springbok we wended our way down to Clanwilliam, Citrusdal, and on to Cape Town.

Old world comfort
It was great to be able to come from the harsh highlands and desert of the Richtersveld, down into the Olifantsrivier valley, and into the richer, more fertile area around Citrusdal, on to the wide wheat fields around Mooreesburg, and then the winelands leading up to Cape Town.

Clanwilliam: frontier architecture
Imagine farming here, all on your own!
We enjoyed reminiscing about Van Riebeeck's explorers who passed this way looking for the fabulous wealth of Monomotapa, and the lives of the first farmers to settle here.

Beauty in a harsh land
Could this be our new offroad vehicle?
Needs some work, though!
We spent a couple of days chilling out in the warm waters of The Baths and then another few days doing the sights in Cape Town before putting our visitors on the plane back to Mauritius. Shahnaz has some diving to do, to get her soul wet again before we follow the Great Trek back to Pretoria.

And we had our share of problems too: the old radiator problem resurfaced! Jan Otto in Citrusdal found some Locktite for me, and that stopped the leak, but she is still loosing water at a worrying rate. In Cape Town I tried to have the problem fixed, even temporarily, but that seems to be difficult. So we will tackle the way home in 'safari mode' with a 5 liter can in hand!

Mountin patterns

Storm over the wheat fields

Table Mountain, at last!

Penguins and people at Simonstown

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