Monday, May 9, 2011

Getting ready for the Safari

Time is running out, and we are getting ready with the last touches. There are still many things to do, and little time to do them in. I must still get a solar panel, and the radio must be installed. The Cruiser is serviced, oil must be changed. I had the wheel bearings greased, the brakes checked, and air helper (Firestone springs) installed. Tomorrow we start packing, I found some beer crates, although these are called agricultural crates. I still need boxes to put the nuts and bolts in.

Then the question is: How do we get the cars on the ship? The shipping company had an option for us to load them here in Johannesburg, but that has gone from the new quotation, and Glenn is not answering his cell phone. Hans has already decided to drive down to Cape Town, and it looks as if we are going to do the same. 1800 km, to start the trip with. Perhaps not such a bad idea, but there are two problems: Shahnaz has just had an important, big, urgent translation job thrown her way, and then we have the municipal elections on the 18th of May. The cars should be in the container by the 20th, so if we leave after voting, and drive till late, and all next day, we should be there in time. Provided nothing goes wrong.

But the Moroccan visa's are done, the Swarts and Malherbe's are now sweating the Schengen visas, but we do not have that stress.

So the saga begins.

Here are the Musafareen:
Stephanus and Mariaan:

Coen and Shahnaz:

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