Friday, May 13, 2011

We try again:

We are a group of semi-retired people who share a dream: To see the real Africa. And to do this we are going to try to drive from Morocco to South Africa, in three vehicles.

Our tour leader: Hans Swart, retired soldier, now tour operator, professional hunter, and businessman. His wife, Elisme, is an ex-teacher, now owner of a real estate business. They are also in the hotel business, and every winter they take to the road on a long safari, usually into East Africa. They leave with clients and come back with friends. Their vehicle is a Land Rover Puma with an upstairs apartment, and everything that opens and closes.

Stephanus and Mariaan Malherbe farm in the Cape, with fruits. She is an accountant, and they are hikers, campers and outdoors people from way back. They drive a Land Cruiser pickup with an aluminium canopy on the back.

Coen and Shahnaz van Wyk are from Pretoria. He is a retired civil servant and she is a yoga teacher and freelance translator. Their vehicle is a Land Cruiser FJ 62, and they try to keep to the minimalist approach.

Later on we will give more details of the vehicles, and the modifications. No doubt you will, along the course of the voyage, hear what parts of the equipment worked out and what did not.

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