Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two weeks to go, and lots still to do!

I once did some rafting on the Nile, and one gets this feeling, as the raft goes over the top of a rapid, and begins to dip down to the white water below, that maybe this was not a good idea. Well, I am getting the same feeling. By 15 May the cars go into the container, and there is still a lot of work to do. On Tuesday my car goes in for a major check, air helper springs, and so on, I must still buy a solar panel, we will fit it in Morocco. I still must buy a radio, and may have it fitted if there is time, otherwise, we will fit it in Morocco....

Interesting how things get simplified. From a R 10 000 drawer system we moved to ammo boxes in slides, to ammo boxes in a frame, to ammo boxes under a plywood panel, held with ratchet straps. My simple rear bumper with swing arms for the second spare wheel is in and welded, thanks Marnus! It is not completely mounted yet, as the wheel obscures the number plate, so I need a second number plate, and will mount that and extra rear lights on the roof rack. (May mount that in Morocco....)

I still need a Police Clearance, will do that first priority when she comes back from the Cruiser Whisperer. In the meantime our passports are with the Moroccans, Hans and Stephanus are on tenterhooks (anyone ever seen these?) because as soon as they have the Moroccan visas they must apply for Schengen visas, as they want to leave for Spain on 20 May!!! That is going to take some fancy footwork.

We tried out the Cobb stove today, did some rather nice lamb chops, with even a smoke flourish! Slower than the Weber, but with much less charcoal. From tomorrow the packing starts: 12 ammo boxes and two metal ammo boxes for tools. I have a spare alternator, water pump, must fit the new coil and pack the old. Still looking for a spare distributor. Also need an overflow bottle for the radiator, the old one finished in the exhaust manifold. Need poles for the awnings, need .... OK, enough.

We are reading up on the route, and writing to people, just got very helpful comment from a guy in Ghana, and waiting to hear about the Congo and Gabon parks. Merlinda Lotter gave me her whole planning file, with waypoints and maps, thanks!!

Once the cars are gone, we wait, catch up on all outstanding paperwork, get as many visas as we can, and on 15 June we leave for Doha and then Casablanca!

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